Someone is stalking Tara Miller…

All Tara wants is to forget. Home again after years traveling the world, she’s determined to put her painful past behind her. Surrounded by her big, loving, loud family, and with the distraction of her new restaurant, she feels like she’s finally beginning to heal. Then in walks Jace Travers. With one quirk of his beautiful, full lips, he shoots her carefully constructed life to smithereens. She does her best to avoid him, but that quickly proves hard to do when mysterious things begin to happen.

Jace needs a change. Memories of his wife and daughter surround him at every turn in his tiny Nebraskan town, keeping him from fully moving on. When the Boone County Sheriff offers him the position of Chief Deputy in Silver Gap, Colorado, he jumps on it, hoping it will help shake him out of his funk. It comes with the added bonus of living next door to the sheriff’s beautiful and fiery sister, Tara. From the moment he sees her, she sparks his blood. Her skittishness only makes him want to know more about her. But unraveling the beautiful woman could prove deadly. Tara’s past has come back to haunt her.

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