Then Came the Fire

Three years have passed, and Three Willows is on the verge of becoming obsolete. The drought that took hold after the departure of the Founders was one thing, but now the new train line threatens to leave the town in the dust. Jessalyn and Sam are determined to keep that from happening, but they’re short on ideas.

Their prayers are answered by the arrival of Bijou Bordeaux, a traveling singer, and her husband, who offer their fame and talent to help rejuvenate the town. But the Bordeauxs may not be all they promise, and after a series of mysterious fires, Jessalyn and Sam are left wondering who they can trust.

Return to Three Willows with the second installment of this action-packed series set in the post-Civil War era Southwest. Huszar’s unique blend of fantasy with Wild West adventure and romance makes this a must-read.

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