The Bee Keepers Son

Perfect for fans of Goosebumps and The Twilight Zone, the second book in the Spite Lane Hauntings series sends 13-year-old Archer Abel to babysit the strange beekeeper’s son. But it doesn’t take Archer long to realize there’s nothing sweet about this demonic gig!

Archer Abel’s family has sacrificed everything to make sure he goes to the best middle school in Lost Key, and he’s proud to be a straight-A student. But he has a terrible habit that requires cold, hard cash, and he will do anything to make sure his family doesn’t find out.

When his bestie Mabel offers him a babysitting job on Spite Lane, he figures it can’t be that bad. And the assignment sounds easy enough: the beekeeper says all he has to do to keep the 8-year-old kid calm is feed him lots of their delicious, homegrown honey.

It doesn’t take long for Archer to realize there’s nothing sweet about this paid gig, and getting paid to babysit on Spite Lane comes at a price. How far is Archer willing to go to hide his dirty, little secret? Is he willing to risk it all?

Readers who love Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and The Baby-Sitters Club will enjoy this suspenseful coming-of-age series that features haunted houses, creepy children, Halloween vibes, a diverse cast of characters, unbreakable childhood friendships, Twilight Zone twists, captivating storytelling, and a slowly unraveling mystery.

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