The Baby Cries at Midnight

13-year-old Suki Saito comes from a long line of clairvoyants, but her second sight hasn’t shown up yet, and she’s starting to wonder if it ever will. Suki thinks a visit to Spite Lane might prompt her gifts to finally make their appearance.

But Suki and her friends don’t realize they’re being pursued by Molly Maplethorpe, the mysterious real estate agent who has been watching them come and go. Molly has plans of her own: making sure no one ever leaves Spite Lane alive!

Suki has always believed ghosts are just harmless spirits with unfinished business here on earth. However, as she attempts to unravel the strange clues presented to her on Spite Lane, she unwittingly puts herself and her friends in more danger than ever before.

Can you figure out the mystery before Suki and her friends? Join them for the scariest night ever in the third installment of the Spite Lane series! And don’t forget to visit for a free prequel story, The Curse of Lydia Lancome, to learn more about the mysterious history of Spite Lane.

Readers who love Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Fear Street will enjoy this suspenseful coming-of-age series that features haunted houses full of demonic beings, ghosts and specters, Halloween vibes, a diverse cast of characters, unbreakable childhood friendships, Twilight Zone twists, captivating storytelling, and a slowly unravelling mystery.

The Baby Cries at Midnight is the third in the Spite Lane Hauntings series. Its prequel, The Curse of Lydia Lancome, is available exclusively for members of The Lost Key Book Club.

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