Lady of the Nightmares

The dark reveals all secrets.

Lonnie Skyeborne is a liar and proud of it.
From the moment she was born, her mother sensed there was something extraordinary about her daughter, andtaught her to never reveal the truth of who she is.

But now, Lonnie is alone and trapped in her own web of lies.

She is the queen in name only, and afraid to trust anyone, even the princes who claim to be her allies. She still has four deadly hunts to complete before she can escape her bargains with the Everlast family, and meanwhile war is looming in the country of Elsewhere. Trusting someone—anyone—and revealing her secrets may save her life, but it could also spell doom for generations to come.

So, who to trust?

Prince Bael, Lonnie’s beautiful but dangerous part-time ally.

Prince Scion, the wicked and powerful former heir to the throne.

Prince Gwydion, the brilliant and manipulative healer.

Or, perhaps, a new ally could make themselves known under the cover of darkness.

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