Celeste is devastated when she learns of her arranged marriage to the notorious Ferrante degli Spini. Raised in a convent by the esteemed Sister Assunta, she has little contact with the outside world. Moved by love for her ward, the crafty nun convinces Celeste’s only friend, Valentina, to assume the identity of the bride.

Marriage to the harsh nobleman poses difficult challenges. Ferrante’s friend and mentor, the fascinating Prince Raimondo di Sangro, offers the naïve Valentina valuable insight on how to overcome these obstacles. Although she accepts his advice, an unexpected betrayal threatens to ruin her life.

Set in Naples, Italy during the Age of Enlightenment, Impostor embodies the passion, drama, and vibrancy that is Bella Napoli.
©2019 C. (Christine) De Melo (P)2021 C. (Christine) De Melo

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