Narrator Jenn Lee provides the perfect blend of vulnerability, humor, wonder, skepticism, and resilience in this gothic horror tale.

Audible Reviewer

Jenn Lee is enthusiastic and works hard to get every nuance of her performance pitch perfect. She read Crafting Category Romance for me, and I was so nervous about having a non-fiction book out on the market, but she did a fantastic job! If I ever dare to put out another craft book, I will definitely call her first and beg for her time.

Amy Lane
Award winning, Best selling, Romance Author

The just one more chapter was my mantra.
Jenn Lee was point on, excellent Narrator. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work. In, fact, the next thing I'll be doing is checking out the audios she has done .....So yes spend money.

CE Wright

Jenn Lee narrated two of my novels. Always pleasant and professional, she did a wonderful job. Aside from her lovely voice, her reading is both smooth and articulate. She successfully breathed life into the characters, which is the goal of every author who wishes to produce an audio book. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

Christine De Melo
Historical Romance best selling Author

Jenn Lee did a wonderful job recording two of my books at once! Her rich voice brought depth to my characters so important to story-telling. She was easy to work with, and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a great narrator.

Charity Bradford

A wonderful narration by Jenn Lee! A truly terrific performer who gave Maggie the voice that she was meant to have. And many chilling scenes that will be stuck in my mind due to her talented voicework mixed with Ford's masterful prose.

Audible reviewer

One of the best narrations on Audible. Jenn Lee takes an already fantastic speculative novel and turns up the volume to full tilt. Even if you’ve read the book in its print form, grab a copy of this in audio: it’s simply terrific.

Rebecca Rowland, Author

Jenn is one of my top-tier narrators. Authors
and publishers sing her praises as well, and request her above many others,
and collaborating with her is always a pleasure.
On Jenn's narration work: she is proficient, making good use of her studio
time, and reliable beyond measure. Her voice engages the listener from the
very first syllable, and makes your audiobook journey a memorable one.
A professional without peer, and if you haven’t listened to her work
yet, you’re missing out on something truly special.
Kevin Stillwell
Indie Publishing Division Manager & Producer

Kevin Stillwell

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Now, Narration and Documentary work means everything to me.

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